Children’s, Youth & Young Adult Ministries


The Adventurer Club is a Seventh-day Adventist sponsored club for children grades 1–4. This ministry supports parents in the task of developing happy little followers of Christ through fun, skills, and study.


The Pathfinders’ mission is to be a friend and companion to their fellow man and to glorify God through service to Him and others. They are striving to develop the whole person – spiritual, physical, and mental. Ages 10–15.

Master Guides

Master Guides is a youth leadership ministry for ages 16 and older. They serve as leaders strengthening Adventurers, Pathfinders, and youth ministries within our church, and as missionaries reaching out to young people in our community and beyond. We train youth leaders to inspire, encourage, and empower young people to become ambassadors for God in every walk of their lives

Youth Ministry

Mosaic Church offers a wide range of youth activities for spiritual, social and character development. Ages 15 and over. Here are some highlights: Youth Sabbaths are scheduled every quarter; Social activities throughout the year; Mission trips and much more.

Adult Sabbath School Classes

Sabbath School Quarterlies

Please use the official Sabbath School website to access Sabbath School lessons. We also have the options listed here. If you do not have access to the internet and would like a copy of the quarterly contact the church office at or leave a message at 214.733.5725.

  • To find the Adult lessons for each quarter, click here.
  • Then on the right column, click on the button that reads “download PDF” under “Current Lessons” 

Traditional Classes #1 & 2

An inspirational Adventist class that promotes the sharing of ideas.
Locations: Back-side of the Sanctuary and Front Right-side of the Sanctuary.

Ladies’ Class

Sharing lives and highlights from the quarterly in a warm, interactive way. Rm.# H-01.

Contemporary Class

Paul Krueger and Ty Ramsey teach a friendly and open discussion of the quarterly. Rm.# H-13

Spanish Language Class

Hermano Rios facilita la clase enseñando la leccion de una manera dinamica y tradicional. Location: Meeting room next to the baptistery.

Young Adults Class

Be inspired by the story of scripture as we look at how its narratives hold relevance for your life.

Childrens Sabbath School Classes

Youth (16–18)
Earliteens (13–15)
Juniors (10–12)
Primary (7–9)
Kindergarten (4–6)
Cradle Roll (0–3)

North Dallas Adventist Academy

North Dallas Adventist Academy (NDAA) is excited to be celebrating it’s 30th-anniversary providing Christian education in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our student body is composed of a diverse group of local students from the metroplex and international students from abroad. As a multi-school institution spanning 15 grades, NDAA is intently focused on serving one of the fastest-growing regions in America. Governed by a constituency of 15 local Seventh-day Adventist churches “the Adventist academy” provides a safe learning environment that is the platform for an academically challenging and spiritually invigorating program. NDAA is comprised of three distinct learning communities: the Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School. Together, along with faculty, staff, volunteers, and other supporters, we make the NDAA family.

The academy is part of the Seventh-day Adventist school system, the second-largest school system in the world. Central to our core philosophy is the understanding that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of true knowledge. Therefore, a biblical worldview is the bedrock upon which all subjects are taught. With a firm commitment to the holistic development of each and every student, the school has grown to become one of the largest Adventist academies in the DFW metroplex. NDAA continues its firm commitment to the concept of providing each student with a holistic education of mental, physical, social, and spiritual health. NDAA staff and faculty mentor students, both inside and outside of the classroom, to excel at intellectual growth and service to humanity.

(972) 234-NDAA (6322)
2800 Custer Parkway, Richardson, Texas 75080